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We help organizations craft strategic stories to  increase engagement & revenue opportunites.




Bring Your Audience Back to The Campfire w/ story.

Strategic Storeis for Sales Teams

Better Stories lead to more deals closed.

Are your salespeople leading with the correct narrative?

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coACHING for Entrepreneurs

You want to tell stories but cant decide how to craft stories that will compel your audiences to invest money & take action.

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Stories for Prospecting & Proposals

What story does your personal brand tell? What story are you telling your buyers, customers, & strategic partners? Does your story compel prospects to pipeline.

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If you are not telling the correct stories internally then people begin to tell their own stories about the organization.

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Strategically Communicate using Storytelling with your people, prospects, & partners.

I want to engage my audience

"Whoever tells the
most compelling story earns the attention of the audience."



Throughout my entire life, I have crafted stories for my specific audience.  Before we ever get to speak a word our prospects, partners, customers, or community have a story in their mind about sales, marketing, leadership, our products, our brand, & even the industry we work in. There have been many milestones throughout my life that a story is what compelled a person to buy, partner, give my company a chance, increase customer spending, & close a deal that I was told we would never have a chance at.


In 2008, my Dad passed away suddenly.  I remember standing at the podium telling stories to those in attendance. I told them to look left & right to see how many life stories one man can impact in a lifetime.  I then told them stories about my dad and me, our relationship, & his passion for life.  When I finished I asked each of them to remember that we have an opportunity to own our story, earn our story, tell our story, & impact other's life stories.  As I was leaving, a friend of my father's came to me & said that the stories I had shared really made him think about his relationship with his son. He would tell me later that those stories are what led to a better relationship with his son.

    This was one of those moments that compelled me to began equipping individuals, organizations & students with the ability to craft compelling stories that would impact their audience.  As I began to work with more people & organizations I found that people will only spend money & invest time if they hear a more compelling story than the one they already have in their mind. We have to give them a better story to tell in order for them to see our products and services as valuable.


Chris Watson - Founder of Craft & Compel
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