Increasing buyer engagement & revenue potential through strategic storytelling

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Sales Team


Better Stories lead to more deals closed.

Are your salespeople leading with the correct narrative?

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1 ON 1 Personal Brand 

You want to tell stories but cant decide how to tell stories, what stories to tell, or when to use stories/

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If you are not telling the correct stories internally then people begin to tell their own stories about the past, present, & future.

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Brand Stories

What story does your brand tell? What story are you telling your buyers, customers, partners, and the world? Does your story lead to loyalty?

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Whoever tells the
most compelling story wins the audience.
-Chris Watson

    In 2008, my Dad passed away suddenly.  I remember standing at his funeral telling stories to those in attendance. I told them to look left & right to see how many life stories one man can impact in a lifetime.  I then told them stories about my dad and me, our relationship, & his passion for life.  When I finished I asked each of them to remember that we have an opportunity to earn a great life story or we can allow someone else to write our stories when we are no longer here.  As I was leaving the funeral, a friend of my father's came to me & said that the stories I had shared really made him think about his relationship with his son & the life story he was earning.

     From this moment forward I began teaching individuals, organizations, & students how to craft compelling stories that would impact their audiences.  As I began to work with more people & organizations I realized that living and earning a great life story isn't enough, but we should be committed to sharing stories that impact other organization's & people's own stories. We should give them a story to tell after they do partner with us.

     I am a published author, with an Executive MBA, I have been a Business Owner for over 15 years, worked at Fortune 500 companies, helped 100's of people with their personal brand stories, & sent 1000's of student-athletes to college sports, owns a world record, has visited three wonders of the world & has attended the world cup in 2010.


your audiences is waiting to hear a new story from you?