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My Story/Short Bio

Chris Watson

Chris Watson is a leading expert on storytelling, helping organizations be more relatable and build bridges to connect with their high value audience Chris has 15 years of leadership, coaching, sales, and teaching experience. He has worked in numerous industries, roles, and organizations, learning to connect with people from all walks of life.

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He is the author of Earn Your Story and the creator of the better future storytelling framework. Chris has utilized storytelling from his earliest sales & leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies like Automatic Data Processing, Johnson & Johnson, & Walmart. He began speaking about storytelling to college students, local businesses, rotary clubs, and corporate events in 2014. He has been leading and training students in college, assisting them in telling better stories for presentations, speeches, and interviews.

He also trains individual contributors worldwide with students from Belize, Japan, & Canada. Chris has a broad range of experience, allowing him to comprehend a wide range of critical conversations. He has an Executive Masters in Business Administration and is passionate about learning. Strategic storytelling, according to Chris, is the most underutilized skill in business. Leaders, Salespeople, and Managers who tell the right stories connect with their audience. Intentionally connecting with your audience will lead to problem-solving and increased revenue. He is a father, husband, business owner, and coach.

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Why Choose Craft And Compel?

Connecting with an audience is tough when they are bombarded with stories all day long about different brands.. Engaging them and telling them a story that is different from the competition & creates connection. But if you want to be successful as a founder, salesperson, or executive leader, you must be able to communicate your message effectively. Otherwise your audience will find a story that connects with them more effectively.

Crafting a compelling story positions you as an industry leader with knowledge of their audiences.  This knowledge  generates retention, reputation, revenue, & referrals.  Craft and Compel transforms organizations into a strategic storyteller. You will engage the audiences that are most valuable to your organization, your people, customers, and leaders. teaches all of the key elements necessary for leaders (as well as managers and salespeople) to convince audiences with stories they care about. Developing a strategic narrative as the north star for your organization allows your people to tell a more engaging story. Nurturing internal storytellers within the organization raises the level of awareness to the product or service you offer.

What  Craft and Compel Does Best

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Developing a strategic core narrative to align your entire organization.

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Re-engage audiences that are disengaged with better storytelling skills.

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Increase revenue, retention, and referrals through strategic storytelling.

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Strategic Storytelling Is The Most Underrated Skill In Business

More and more organizations are recognizing the importance of having a strategy for how to tell their story. And not just any story, but one that is both compelling and authentic.

Chris Watson knows what it takes to master storytelling in order to persuade an audience, but finding someone with this skill isn't easy. It's a skill honed over years of practice.

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Learn How To Tell A Story That Compels Your Audience With Craft And Compel

Storytelling is one of the oldest methods of connecting with your audience, but it has never been more powerful than today. As a leader, you need to be able to communicate with your people and motivate them to move forward. That includes those who have no idea what they're doing and are looking for guidance and encouragement from their boss.

It also includes those who are new hires or completely green about your industry and want to learn more about it. Our courses will teach you how to construct a compelling narrative that will persuade your audience to follow along with what you need them to do.

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Contact Us

Those looking for more information on how they can learn storytelling techniques should contact us! We provide various services, from in-person training to monthly coaching packages to larger-scale training for an entire company!

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If You Want Your Message To Stick, Learn How To Craft Stories That Compel.

Reach out to chris and learn the power of strategic storytelling from one of the leading experts in the field.

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