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Sales Team

Talk To Your Audience's Heart And Wallet.

When you combine a powerful story with data, the results can be astonishingly persuasive. What if your sales team knew exactly what to say when they met a prospect? What if they could make prospects feel good about themselves by showing them how their needs are important too? Craft and Compel is dedicated to teaching sales teams how to tell more compelling stories that will engage prospects and compel them to take action.

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Stories that resonate, persuade and drive increased revenue for your company. Craft and Compel works with sales leaders on crafting a core story that every salesperson can then align with & make their own while utilizing a process of storytelling to drive more engagement and increase pipeline.

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What If The Sales Team Had A Stronger Connection With The Customer

The internet has brought potential customers a long way from the traditional brick-and-mortar store. There are many ways to connect with customers, but most sales teams can't communicate their value proposition effectively.

They're not telling a good story! So many sales teams only know how to talk about the features, functions, and benefits of their product or service without leveraging storytelling or adding any emotional intrigue. They fail to realize that not all customers want the same thing when it comes to a purchase decision. Some want convenience above all else, while others want something bigger and better than anything else on the market.

But that doesn't mean sales teams should rely on luck alone to find their audience. That's why I teach them how to tell a compelling story by crafting messages that resonate with different types of people and structuring meetings. Hence, they schedule those meetings instead of having prospects walk away without commitment.

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Your Sales Team Is Excellent At Presenting And Using Technology But Struggles With Storytelling.

Picture your sales team always presenting compelling stories to prospects. They can sell the features, functions, and benefits of their product while simultaneously maintaining engagement. Imagine closing on more deals in less time than ever before because you and your sales team clearly understand who your customer is.

Craft and Compel specialize in teaching sales teams how to build relationships with prospects via storytelling so they can increase pipeline and revenue.

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Invest In Training Today! If You Want Better Results From Your Sales Team, Contact Us Today!

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